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Home Theater Installation and Design

Cutting Edge Design is a premier home theater installation and home theater design company based in Mukilteo a suburb of Seattle, Washington.

Distinctive home theater systems designed to perform...

Cutting Edge Design Home TheaterA quality home theater experience is like no other…

The lights come down as the movie starts… and immediately you are transported to the environment of the first scene and through the immersive sights and sounds of your impressive home theater you are there… feeling every emotion, the joys and sorrows of a great movie and for an hour or two you have escaped the bounds of the world without ever leaving your own home. This is the power of true home theater.

Whether it's a projector system or large flat panel TV, we are in the business of designing and installing a true movie theater experience in your home.

For the better part of two decades Cutting Edge Design has been designing and installing impressive home theater systems in the Pacific Northwest. With nearly 20 years of experience serving hundreds of happy home theater clients, we consider ourselves home theater experts.

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"So how much can I expect to pay for a home theater?"

At this point you're most likely asking yourself... "So How Much?", Read on... You may or may not have seen the pictures of home theaters in magazines where the budget for the theater is most likely in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and built for some Hollywood millionaire. We can do that! But more than likely your vision for “movies at home” is a little more modest. We definitely do that too!

We understand you have a budget and we also understand the value you expect for your money. As a frame of reference, in most cases the home theaters we install significantly eclipse the movie experience you would have at the local Cineplex, regardless of the budget and scope of your home theater project. We pride ourselves on offering you an immersive home theater experience that measures up to your expectations with exceptional products that are by far your best bang for the buck.

Cutting Edge Design is in the business of designing and installing a true home theater experience in your home. Whether it’s nothing more than an excellent projector, film screen, A/V receiver and quality speakers for around $8,000 installed, or a fully appointed high performance custom home theater complete with a control system, home theater seating, room décor, and room acoustics costing between $40,000 and $60,000 dollars. Obviously, we can also create an extreme home theater in your "castle" that costs as much as you are willing to spend. Our ultimate goal is to support your unique environment with a “cinema in your home” experience within your budget! We only consider our job complete when we give you a great reason to stay home on the weekend and every night is another movie night.


One of the first questions we are asked by a prospective client is how much will my home theater cost. A question that is a lot more involved than you might think. A long time ago we realized that there is ultimately no way to answer this question without asking some questions first. Knowing the right questions to ask is a big part of our success.

The word "home theater" means different things to different people. You've heard the term home theater in a box, which is literally a surround sound receiver with five to seven speakers and a subwoofer in a box costing around $500. Most of the big box retail stores sell these as “home theaters”. We are more than capable of selling you one of those HTIBs (home theater in a box) with better performance specs and a better listening experience for a little more money, but ultimately we’re not in the business of selling these boxes. As we've stated before, we are in the business of designing and installing a true movie theater experience in your home, better known as a home cinema or home theater.

Home theater design and installation is one of the few examples where “all” of our industry experience and skill sets are brought to bear on a single project. Hiring an experienced contractor who can take on the whole home theater project is critical. As licensed and bonded low voltage and general contractors, Cutting Edge Design offers this unique ability to design, manage, and complete a full home theater project from start to finish. You deal with one contractor, one budget, and one schedule.

A well appointed home theater project requires consideration of many different technical elements. Although you might be used to a home theater that came in a box... we want to refine your home theater experience… Below is a comprehensive list of links to home theater products and brands we recommend installing in "any" home theater project:

Home Theater Audio
Home Theater Speakers
Home Theater Amplifiers
Home Theater Audio Servers
Home Theater EQ & Tuning
Audio Accessories
Home Theater Video
Home Theater Projectors
Home Theater Film Screens
Home Theater Large 4K TVs 
Home Theater Receivers
Home Theater Movie Media Servers 
Home Theater Lighting
Home Theater Lighting
LED Rope Lights 
Home Theater Décor
Home Theater Themes
Home Theater Seating
Home Theater Fabric Wall Treatments
Home Theater Woodwork & Columns
Home Theater Star Ceilings
Home Theater Acoustic Panels
Home Theater Bass Traps

Home Theater Control
Home Theater Control Interfaces
Home Theater Remote Control
Home Automation
Control System Programming

Home Theater Racks
Home Theater AV Racks
Home Theater Custom Cabinetry
Home Theater AV Mounts

Home Theater Acoustics
Home Theater Room Acoustics
Home Theater Noise Isolation

Home Theater Power Management
Home Theater Power Conditioners
Power Factor
Home Theater Surge Protectors
Home Theater AV UPS
Power Strips
Surge Sub Panels

Home Theater Thermal Management
Home Theater Rack Cooling
Home Theater Cabinet Cooling
Ventilation Ducting

Home Theater Networking
Wireless Access Points
Media Data Storage

To review any and all of the product types we sell please review the product section of our site here.

When you’re ready to start a home theater project assessment please feel free to call one of our friendly sales staff to schedule a free in-home consultation.



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Tremendous knowledge...

The Cutting Edge Design team is always friendly, informative, and reliable. I appreciate their tremendous knowledge, expert opinions, and customized solutions. They seek to understand an issue before suggesting a solution or taking action and they have been responsive to the occasional problems that have come up.

Pauline F

True professionals!...

Cutting Edge Design are the best! True professionals! It is so true that you get what you pay for... with CEDi you get the very best! I will definitely continue to use them!

Earnest M

Quick and excellent work...

Thanks for the quick and excellent work of your team last week. The guys were very professional, friendly and did a great job. It’s always nice to work with people who like what they do and it’s clear you have such a group. Well done!

Emily W

A great experience!

Cutting Edge Design provides you with a great product at a great value. They were very quick to respond to my quote and got the work done fast. They've done lots of stuff for me in the past, but recently they installed new equipment for my WiFi. The overall experience was fantastic. I continue to use them and recommend their services because their prices are fair and the work is usually perfect.

Scott W


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Now offering DOLBY ATMOS® products and installation!

Dolby Atmos
With Dolby Atmos®, sound comes alive from all directions, including overhead. The format combines a channel-based audio bed with object-oriented sound to place and move specific effects around the theater, creating a breathtakingly realistic and captivating sonic atmosphere. Sound designers and artists are free to mix in a 3D space, steering effects through surround channels and adding a seamless overhead dimension with discrete height channels. In commercial theaters, it supports up to 128 audio tracks and 64 unique speaker feeds. The home theater adaptation automatically scales to your surround configuration.